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Blockchain Management Solutions is a Blockchain consultancy focused on helping you launch your decentralised application. Our services are designed to deliver with consistency, detail, and value.

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Feasibility Studies

We perform Feasibility Studies to ensure your concept idea suits a Blockchain architecture

Project Scoping

We undertake project scoping for you, so you know whats involved and the costs associated to launch a decentralised application, and conduct an ICO

Strategic Reviews

We undertake complete reviews of your concept, business model, documentation, white paper, website, marketing materials, and provide you with a list of actionable recommendations for improvement

Token Economic Analysis

We perform Token Economic Analyses, where we can help you improve your existing token model or develop a new one by recommending business logic for your developer to implement

Marketing Strategies

We can help you develop a regional Marketing Strategy specifically for Australia. Through our experience, contacts, and location, we deliver you a plan to gain exposure

Project Management

Our business is focused on helping your Project succeed. If you need schedules, estimates, stakeholder analyses, evaluation of risks and issues, or even someone to help manage your Project, we are here to help

Our Project Process

We have developed a process for our clients so that each phase of the project builds on one another. Starting from the Concept & Initiation stage, we ensure that an idea or concept can first be achieved on a blockchain with our Feasibility Studies. From there, the Definition & Planning phase is about project scoping and estimation with our Project Definitions, which give founders total control and visibility of what they need to do, and where they need to go. Execution is about refining business models, token economics, and using our expert Strategic Reviews for a critical eye over important aspects of the project before ICO. The execution phase occurs at the end of the ICO, where we help with go-to-market, product expansion and strategic marketing.



Definition & Planning







Concept & Initiation

We provide the expertise to assess whether your Decentralised Application idea suits a blockchain architecture. We do this by assessing the market you are trying to penetrate,  then identifying any existing competitors you might be up against. We then break down the concept idea into business logic, and assess what components should be stored on-chain and what should be stored off-chain. We might suggest using platforms such as IPFS, Civic Key, or Polymath, including which protocol, for example Ethereum, XEM or NEO, depending on your idea.

Definition & Planning

Arguably the most important part of any project is defining outcomes, outputs, and the scope. Leveraging our extensive project management experience, we prepare highly detailed Project Definitions for our clients. We help our clients to narrow down what they are trying to achieve, then layout what needs to be done to launch a decentralised application. Our Project Definitions start with advising the client how to go about obtaining private funding, and what’s required for an ICO. We undertake high detailed risk and issue assessments, full project estimates, and even provide clients with a project schedule for use with their own teams.


We define the launch phase as the ICO, where projects are aiming to raise money via public crowd funding. We want you to succeed, so we perform Token Economic Analyses to help you optimise and refine your token model by proposing business logic and developing scenarios.


The ICO is now over, funds have been raised and your project is ready to go head first into development. This time can often be hardest for projects, as public interest tends to drop off and the need to keep investors up to date and satisfied on progress can be challenging. Many international projects need help with gaining exposure outside of where they launched, which is why we develop marketing and community building strategies. We also provide support for teams needing outside Project Management help, which is what we are specialists in. We aim to help your project succeed and strive to deliver the help you need and when you need it.

Our Blockchain Consulting Partners

Our Blockchain Consulting services allow us to work with the best in the industry. We work alongside professional firms who build and serve the ecosystem.

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